Judy Benson LaNier specializes in photographing African Wildlife. Her love of Africa began in 1961 when her family hosted Ashland, Oregon's very first American Field Service exchange student who was from South Africa. The strong bond forged then continues as the two families visit each other in Africa and the United States.

"When I first went to Africa I was amazed that the animals ignored us completely. They went about their lives as if nothing extraordinary was happening. Little did they know that something quite extraordinary was happening inside me! I experienced a catharsis, a cleansing of my soul. I was being taught what is truly important in life and I was filled with joy by the lessons! I hope that my photographs bring you a taste of the elemental-ness of life in the bush"

Judy also enjoys photographing flowers, scenery and anything else that catches her eye. She and her husband, Mike have a love for travel and the camera is always along for the ride.